Poured Concrete

Concrete walls are supported on a poured concrete footer that contains at least 2 rows of rebar and a width of at least 2 times the width of the wall. Footer depths & widths vary depending on soil conditions and engineer preferences.

Full Basements: Standard 8" to 10" thick concrete and 8' tall containing steel rebar. However, our forms allow us to pour any wall height if a taller basement is desired.

Crawl Space: Generally, these are only 4' tall walls on a footer as long as grade around foundation gives adequate frost protection of a minimum of 42".

Foundation Coatings of Basement Walls: There are 2 options we use in protecting a new foundation wall from water infiltration at living space areas. The first is the use of standard foundation coating which is inexpensive and acts as a damp proofer. The second is a product called HLM5000. More costly, but has a greater quality of water protection.


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